Noris Force Con 1 - 2005

Around 11:00 the first fans arrived in the Admiral Filmpalast, a movie theatre in the centre of Nürnberg. We also had the first fans siging in for the costume contest. 
On 5 stores throughout the whole multiplex cinema we showed key-scenes of all six movies, i.e. featuring the Geonosis Arena with around two meters in diameter and more than 400 action figures. You could also see rebuild weapons and droids, especialy the R2D2 from Jürgen. Additionally there were many booths selling every merchandising article you can imagine.
At the same time we started our Star Wars Trivia Game. Participants had to find answers to questions we hide in the con area.

Later that evening our guest stars arrived and -as a surprise for the movie guests- opened the premier representation of Episode III with a few words.

Kenny Baker
aka R2D2
Episode I-VI

Michael Kingma
aka General Tarfful
Episode III

Paul Blake
aka Greedo
Episode IV

Gerald Home
aka Tessek
Episode VI


On Thursday morning the actors started their questions&answers sessions, telling the fans unknown details and short stories from the time the movies have been shot. Between these panels the actors signed toys and photos. A lot of us and of course many other fans were running around the cinema and Nürnberg city in their costumes, animating more fans to visit us.
In the end there have been around 3000 visitors.

Other highlights have been the lottery with prices of together 1200EUR  and the charity-auction on Friday selling some rare articles and signed toys and posters. The auction proceeds of around 2000EUR have been donated to Childrens Smile.

Our highlight of the convention and the end of the event has been the gig of the Sarlacc Survivours in the Sky(walker)-Bar.
With self build instruments and costumes we performed a two hours show playing music in the style of the famous cantina bar.
In the end Michael Kingma was singing together with us the extra "Nothing Else Matters".
After an additional extra we ended the show, even if a few fans were still celebrating.

After all we can say the convention has been a success! We know there are thing we can do better the next time and we promise we will do so on episode VII.

Press (german):

abendzeitung_19052005.jpg (106738 Byte)
(vom 19.05.2005,
mit freundl. Genehmigung der
Nürnberger Abendzeitung)

5400 Fans im
»Star Wars«-Fieber

(vom 19.05.2005,
mit freundl. Genehmigung
der Nürnberger Nachrichten)

abendzeitung_20052005.jpg (53522 Byte)
(vom 20.05.2005,
mit freundl. Genehmigung der
Nürnberger Abendzeitung)

(vom 20.05.2005,
mit freundl. Genehmigung
der NürnbergerNachrichten)

(vom 20.05.2005,
mit freundl. Genehmigung
der Nürnberger Zeitung)

Photos of the first Noris Force Con

fans8.jpg (79582 Byte)
jeditrooper.jpg (30800 Byte)
Jedi with Trooper
fans.jpg (39425 Byte)
boba.jpg (36519 Byte)
Boba Fett
kingmatrooper.jpg (55240 Byte)
Michael Kingma
with Trooper
fans3.jpg (23395 Byte)
Fans, Padme and
fans5.jpg (29126 Byte)
Senator with
wampa.jpg (26089 Byte)
fans1.jpg (57064 Byte)
Darth Vader
fans4.jpg (63580 Byte)
Jedi and MonCalamari
fans7.jpg (56923 Byte)
fans9.jpg (68534 Byte)
more Jedis
trooper.jpg (46712 Byte)
Elevator of the deathstar?
tatoo.jpg (19974 Byte)
Cool Tatoo
rsds.jpg (19658 Byte)
fans6.jpg (14156 Byte)
Darth Maul
auslosung.jpg (25414 Byte)
Draw of the
Trivia Games
kostuemgewinn3.jpg (24361 Byte)
Third place for
best costume
check.jpg (23891 Byte)
for Childerns Smile
team.jpg (61998 Byte)
The Con Crew

the gig of the Sarlacc Survivors in the Sky-Walker-Bar,

bar310.jpg (35929 Byte)
Closed Party
bar25.jpg (49726 Byte)
THESE are the 
droids we search!
bar314.jpg (52057 Byte)
Uniforms are sexy
band63.jpg (67920 Byte)
the band
band74.jpg (71369 Byte) CIMG0163.jpg (55232 Byte) band.jpg (56552 Byte) einsatz1.jpg (39587 Byte)
band68.jpg (64405 Byte) band70.jpg (84786 Byte) CIMG0149.JPG (58787 Byte) band62.jpg (72765 Byte)
CIMG0142.JPG (60649 Byte) band232.jpg (38619 Byte) CIMG0166.JPG (69681 Byte) CIMG0175.JPG (65954 Byte)
CIMG0130.JPG (75970 Byte) band55.jpg (57777 Byte) CIMG0162.JPG (39928 Byte) bar235.jpg (64141 Byte)
CIMG0144.JPG (55162 Byte) CIMG0143.JPG (73323 Byte) CIMG0145.JPG (66482 Byte) CIMG0150.JPG (73596 Byte)
CIMG0140.JPG (67361 Byte) CIMG0173.JPG (70339 Byte) CIMG0169.JPG (70526 Byte) CIMG0174.JPG (70531 Byte)

and of the Stars

kenny_rs.jpg (61981 Byte)
Kenny zwischen 
zwei Panels
michaelsign.jpg (36778 Byte)
Michael beim Signieren
all4.jpg (12260 Byte)
Einführung zur Premiere


Julian Glover

General Veers

Jay Laga'aia

Cpt. Typho

Garrick Hagon

Biggs/Red III

Michael Culver

Cpt. Needa