Noris Force Con III - 2011

We have had the actors from old and new trilogy Julian Glover, Jay Laga'aia, Garrick Hagon and Michael Culver for Star Wars fans and everyone else interested from Nürnberg and whole Germany.

Opening on Friday, at (THX) 11:38 we've had everything for the eye, the heart, the stomach and the ears. The show was fantastic: The fan booths provided costumes, props, lightsabers and much more. They presented their finest robes, polished armors and tight uniforms. Our exhibitors, first of all the Wolfbrothers, showed their finest collector items: Attakus statues, self-made helmets, Gentle Giant busts, huge LEGO dioramas, X-Wing models, the proud R2-D2 and 4-inch dioramas from small to very big. What was not on display could be found at the merchandise traders Die Orkkiste, Buzz Toys and Robert Vogel. The „Sternencafé“ provided coffee, cake, sausages, sandwiches and cold drinks for our visitors. Thanks to our sponsors you could try your furtune at the tombola and could win almost anything from Star Wars: light sabers, Action figures, comic books, novels, fringe magnets, the BluRay-boxes, LEGO mini figures and mini kits, dolls and many, many more prizes. There was also fun on the air: the crew at the information discovered the intercom of the planetarium and told us things like „The spaceship with the signature NCC-1701 please free the parking place!“ ;-)

Who had seen everything and maybe was a bit tired from walking around could have had a seet in the main hall and enjoy the featured shows of the NFC and relax. There were panels (question and answer sessions) with the actors, the planetarium show, lectures of our guests, auction, an orchestra with science-fiction melodies, the Sarlacc Survivors and the opening and closing ceremony.

Saturday ended with the after show party in the „Brasserie Prisma“ where we have had a nice gathering and reflected what happened during the day.

The „Noris Force Con 3“ has been a total success in all areas! At the end of the con we have had countless visitors, over 100 crew members, costume actors and fan group members, three days of fun and smiling faces and finally a donation over 12,200EUR for the German Cancer Help – Children’s Foundation.

The „Star Wars Fans Nürnberg e.V.“ say special thanks to the Wolfbrothers Klemens and Matthias who provided us show cases, exhibitions, specials and supported us with infinite time and manpower as well as their Crimson Guard costumes.

Our thanks also go to

  • the visitors for visiting us
  • the fan groups with their booths and costumes
  • the costume bearers who brought smiles on the faces (and some tears...)
  • he exhibitors for presenting their best pieces
  • the crew members who gave their best
  • the NFC helpers who saw very few of the show themselves because they were in permanent service
  • Matthias Graether for the video trailers
  • Nessi for moderation and being „Master of Ceremony“
  • Jürgen Sadurski for his perfect support
  • our actors who found the way to Nuremberg
  • the local press for reporting about NFC
  • our sponsors for prizes and donations in advance, providing cars and advertisement
  • Dr. Markus Söder representing DKKH
  • and everybody who made this success possible

finally our executive committee Eisi, Wolfi, Klaus and Laubi who made this fantastic weekend possible

To end it with Klaus quotation: „We would be stupid not making another convention!“

See you next time ;-)


Julian Glover

General Veers

Jay Laga'aia

Cpt. Typho

Garrick Hagon

Biggs/Red III

Michael Culver

Cpt. Needa