Open hours:

  • Fr.:  11:38 to 22:00
  • Sa.: 09:00 to 22:00
  • So.: 09:00 to ca. 19:00

Program plan:

Please find the current plan for download here. (German)

During the presentations/Q&A sessions in the main room any audio-visual recordings are strictly forbidden. Violation may lead to banning from the convention area!

You may take photos uring the presentationts/Q&A but only without flash.

Before and after these proram points you may take flash photos.


Convention bag:

Program points:


Autograph and photo sessions with the actors

The actors sign photos and are available for foto sessions.
Pictures can be bought from the actors if necessary.

Autographs are between 15 and 20EUR depending on the actor. Dedications are possible!
It is not allowed to take flash photos during the autograph sessions!

Each day there is a photo session offering the chance to get a photo with the actor of your choice, eg to use it during the following autograoh sessions.

These photos are in DIN A4 (21x29,7cm) and cost 12EUR.

Photos with more but one actor cost an additional 7,50EUR per additional actor



Star Panels

Experiences from the shooting of Star Wars are allways interesting.

Our actors will tell their stories and you will have the oportunity to ask questions.



Or lottery offers prices from action figures up to full scale FX light saber. Try your luck!



What to own special items? May be you find what you were searching for all your life...


The Sarlacc Survivors - Back On Earth

The Sarlacc Survivors will present the new program of their Back-On-Earth-Tour during our Saturday evening show!

Attakus exhibition

We will present the probably largest private Attakus collection.

Attakus itself willprovide exclusive prototypes for this exhibition.



What connects between LEGO ans Star Wars?

Both is amazing young and old for years and is a guarantee for fun and entertainment.

Building the scenes of the Star Wars saga is the goal of fans ever since and one of most difficult tasks to do it with just the standard bricks.

Members of the LEGO-Club „Bricking Bavaria e.V.“ will present their best pieces at Noris Force Con 3:

Jabba’s Palace (Episode VI)

Build by Oliver Kude (Munich)
with over 30.000 LEGO-bricks

Naboo Theed Hangar(Episode I)

Build by Rainer Schmidt (Dachau)
with over 25.000 LEGO-bricks.



Presentation "Tatooine - Behind the Scenes"

Jürgen Vogel tells about his journey to Tatooine and how it looks behind the scenes.


Star Wars in Movies and TV

Philipp Hermle will show up interesting points about references to Star Wars in public media.



Our famous fotopoints "Stormtrooper" and "Hoth" are available for you to take your own Star Wars shots.




The NorisForceCon III is taking place in the Nicolaus Copernicus Planetarium, in the city center of Nuremberg.

Größere Kartenansicht


Leonardo Hotel


Derag Hotel

Motel One

Accor Hotel

Park Inn


Holliday Inn

Le Méridien

These are only suggestions! We do not have any contract or whatsoever with these hotels.


Here you will find more information about the program points and the location of the NorisForceCon 3, soon.


Julian Glover

General Veers

Jay Laga'aia

Cpt. Typho

Garrick Hagon

Biggs/Red III

Michael Culver

Cpt. Needa